With years of experience in the research and development, design and production of Internet intelligent terminal products, Yiyi's in-depth research on industry applications, and a deep understanding of industry application scenarios and needs, Weiheng provides customized solutions, tailor-made personalized industry solutions according to the business characteristics of various industries, and provide customers with one-stop customized services.

5 major advantages, let you rest assured

Global strategic partner
Weiheng is a global strategic partner of Microsoft and Intel, and its product sales are based in China and are sold all over the world, and the sales volume is stable in the whole country.
Strong R&D strength
Weiheng has an independent product design and R&D team; it has accumulated rich experience in the design and development of its own brand for ten years.
High-quality supply system
Since its establishment, Weiheng has been operating benignly and developing healthily. In the cooperation with business partners, we have achieved mutual benefit and win-win results, accumulated a large number of high-quality supply resources, and formed a mature and stable supply system.
advanced manufacturing
In Shenzhen, Jiangxi has its own factory, equipped with advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology, adhering to the tenet of "quality first, service first", and implements a strict quality control system to ensure product quality.
One-stop caring service
A professional and independent team is established to serve industry customized projects. To achieve one-on-one caring service, more focused and more efficient.