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Founded in 2009, Weiheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of mobile digital network products in China. The company's core business positioning: R&D, manufacturing, sales, WIFI tablet PC, children's tablet PC, 3g/4G tablet PC, INTEL tablet Computers, tablets with digital TVs and automatic digital products.

Special focus on the research and development and development of high-end and industrial applications of mobile electronic products. In order to ensure that every product shipped in "Weiheng Digital" is of high quality and has unique requirements, the company has more than 40 senior engineers and more than 100 senior quality control personnel in the Shenzhen office and factory.

In order to manufacture products with the most competitive international quality requirements in the industry, "Weiheng Digital" Technology Co., Ltd. has established the world's most advanced production bases in: Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province and National High-tech Park, Yibin City, Sichuan Province , The company occupies a total area of 30,000 square meters, has a production scale of 12 production lines, and has various testing and testing equipment.

We have established logistics and purchasing departments in Shenzhen and Hong Kong to ensure the most competitive advantage in the supply chain of materials, and ensure the timely and accurate delivery of each order. In terms of marketing, "Weiheng Digital" has established overseas marketing departments in Hong Kong and Shenzhen respectively. The company aims to "100% meet customer needs" and provides efficient and accurate services to each customer.

With the business tenet of "Quality First" and "Technology as the Core Competitiveness", we strive to manufacture every product well and provide every customer with the best service in an all-round way.

Company Culture


Become a healthier, longer-lasting business

We focus on creating value for users, embrace changes, and continue to provide competitive products and services.
Isolate external pressure and temptation, return to the original intention, and constantly break through yourself.
Do not pursue short-term interests and superficial prosperity, and take the healthy and long-term development of the enterprise as the first principle


Share quality technology with the world

We use understanding design to inject concise, efficient and reliable experience into the heart of technology products;
Through equal and friendly communication, products that span regions, cultures and beliefs will be shared with global users.

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Weiheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd (c/o Dutora)

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